Who Are We?

My name is Niko Tsiakankikas and I’m the owner of Niko Construction. I’ve been working in construction for 15 years and began my business in 2005. I grew up working in my family’s food business, so I’ve had a strong work ethic instilled in me for some time now.

There’s a saying that goes if you love what you do, you won’t work a day in your life. That’s part of the reason I chose construction for my career. My father passed away when I was 11, but he passed along his love of construction work to me, and I haven’t wanted to do anything else since. I put 110% into everything that I do; and not only do I produce good work, but I enjoy it and have an interest in what I’m doing. I am especially interested in coming up with new designs, ideas and materials. I’m also a master plumber.

Above all else, my top priority is that my customer is happy and to make their dream project become a reality.